Thursday, January 18, 2007

CSC Alumni meet in the Crusting Pipe

Another CSC alumni gathering. Like last time in the congenial surroundings of The Crusting Pipe in Covent Garden.

Much the usual band of suspects, again: there was me, Tony Korn, Simon Hargrave, John Warren, David Pelta, John Patient, Carolyn MacDowell, Tony Hazel, Roy Thompson, Barry Wilton and Anne Carter. Apologies from David Martin and Paul Toledo (not yet on the mailing list). A good turnout - thanks chaps.

I learnt from the last time and got my food order in early, I just can't take drinking on an empty stomach like I could in my youth. I remember in my mid twenties when I worked at Coopers & Lybrand (as they were then) how a crowd of us went drinking regularly after work. I always used to tip the lemon from the previous Gin and Tonic into the next so I knew how many I'd had by counting the slices. At least in those days many city pubs shut early (sometimes as early as 7:30pm) which probably saved our livers.

By the end of last night transport demands has whittled the crowd down to a hard core half dozen all of whom worked for Inforem which was subsequently acquired by CSC. We got all nostalgic for those glory days and it set me thinking.

When I look at the friends I have made and kept in contact with they come mostly from specific groups. For example I am not in touch with friends from school, nor college, nor my first two jobs. But I am from my time at BIS Applied Systems and my time at Inforem. Something about working with a set of similarly educated, trained and dedicated professionals. We were good at what we did (I think I can say that), we enjoyed it and worked hard at it. There was a real sense of camaraderie and that is why we are still in touch.

That reminds me I must given the BIS crowd a call...

Also, in a piece of brazen and shameless self-promotion, I promised a link to our holiday home - now available for rent. (don't forget the hyphen).

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Rosa said...

Mr. English, you do come up with the most brilliant ideas--saving the lemons to count your drinks! Now that is indeed smart! I'll have to remember that on my next happy hour with the hub. Although, I can normally feel my limit at three martinis--if not four. Gonna go look at the new pad. Maybe one day, we'll rent it! What a blast.