Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trulli Before and After (1)

Having, finally, finished the work on the trulli we went through the photo archive and dug out some before pictures so we could show you the difference [click on images for larger version].

Cones viewed from the garden
view of cones from garden before works view of cones from garden after works

Inside of the Lamia from the door towards kitchen and bathroom
view of lamia living room before works view of lamia living room after works

Inside of the Lamia looking back towards the door
view of lamia fireplace before works view of lamia fireplace after works

1 comment:

Rosa said...

Wow, Mark. I had no idea it was in such bad shape. You truly have outdone yourselves. It is simply breathtaking. True to form, you have done a magnificent job. You have done it proud.