Thursday, January 11, 2007

Suitable for Vegetarians

I have friend, let's call her - say - Danielle Byrne, who is a vegetarian. On flights her veggie meal is usually accompanied by some kind of tisane or herbal infusion. Her reaction is along the lines of "What is this? Bring me red wine!" Just because one might be vegetarian that does not mean one is also TT.

Last night I was finishing off a bottle of 2004 Saint Joseph when my attention wandered to the back label. There I spotted a large "V" and the legend "Suitable for Vegetarians". Phew. that's a relief then!

As if any dead animals went into the making of wine, honestly what an egregious bit of labelling. See also [Full of Fruit Goodness]


Anonymous said...

Not really. If wine is anything like beer they will sometimes use finings derived from fish !

Anonymous said...

Actually, in the old days, they used to fine red wines using beef blood, and some still use egg whites...