Monday, January 15, 2007

Avon Cottage Under Offer

We have accepted an offer on the Cottage so, subject to survey and contract, we will be selling and moving on after 13 happy years there.

Cute thatched cottage (36K)

We went down to the cottage on Saturday to meet the purchasers and it was a most satisfactory meeting. Moving house is not just a financial transaction, it is an important emotional transaction as well, especially with a house of such history and character as the cottage.

Andrew and Karen were charming and understand the need to care for old things; they are Morris Minor owners as well. Is is good to feel that it is going to sympathetic new care-takers for that is how we consider ourselves.

Now we need to set the wheels in motion for all that moving will entail. High on the agenda is what to do with all our furniture. The house is Wandsworth is fully equipped and now we have a three bedroomed house to merge into it! Some stuff we will include in the purchase price like short wardrobes that fit in the low-ceilinged bedrooms, some we will try and find good homes for and the local auction house will be taking much of our overflow.

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Rosa said...

I know how bittersweet this must be for you. I am in the middle of selling my mom's house, the one we all grew up in. I too, wanted someone who cares for it to be the buyer. I think I may have found the perfect family also.