Friday, November 26, 2004

Turkey day in St Albans

Last night I left work with JP to visit their home in St Albans where his lovely wife Andrea had prepared us a traditional Thanksgiving meal. She is American so I was looking forward to the authentic item. And it was. Enough turkey to feed a coach party, cranberry sauce, gravy, potatoes gratin, broccoli, sweet potatoes with a delicious sugar and pecan goo on top and sprouts boiled to mush. Andrea is a good cook but she's still working on the veg. And to follow, Mom's Apple Pie.

The entertaining thing was the Table Turkeys - apples impaled with cocktail stick kebabs of mini-marshmallows and assorted jelly sweets to create the artistic likeness of turkeys. Godson Julian was on good form and little Charlotte was not far behind. Julian proudly informed me "I made this one!" pointing to a slightly wonky turkey. Bless! I think Mummy had a hand in the others.

The journey home I had not been looking forward to (I need to catch up on my sleep) but the other guest, Di, gave a lift to the station and all the connections went well: St Albans platform to Wandsworth Town flat in 59 minutes - amazing.

Thank you John and Andrea for an excellent evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! What is wrong with my sprouts!!!???


I hate doing veggies. John likes them on the well done side and I like them crisp and green. So I over-do them.

Glad you had fun!