Thursday, November 18, 2004

Four beds in four nights

It has been a hectic four days of rushing about. Starting from Sunday it was: Malahide, Ireland; Wandsworth, London; Ibsley, Hampshire; Glasgow, Scotland. Though not worth getting the tour T-shirt printed.

It is a challenge making sure I have remembered to transfer all the right clothes, toiletries, work stuff and assorted artefacts back and forth like a domestic Tower of Hanoi or more like the puzzle about the farmer who has to cross the river with a fox, a chicken and some corn. It stretches my vestigial organising abilities to the limit.

Now I get two more nights in the same place before it is off to Mary's Mum's and then back to sunny Wandsworth. So now time for a gentle stroll back to the Millenium hotel, Glasgow, a drink, a meal and a relax.

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