Saturday, November 20, 2004

One girl short of a quartet

The course in Glasgow went well, even I felt so, and normally I am (too) hard on myself. So with that out the way it was back to the hotel where Mary had already arrived from Dublin and was relaxing in the bath. It was a couple of glasses of room service champagne to relax with until it was time to get dressed and go down to the bar to await the arrival of two more of "The Girls".

The four "Girls" were all at Uni together and two of them still live in the Glasgow area. So we took the opportunity to meet up with Christine and Geraldine along with G's other half Alisdair and go out for a meal at Smiths in Merchant City.

Alisdair was looking very dapper in his hat, like a scaled down version of Van "the Man" Morrison. We ate, we drank, we chatted and the evening sped by. It was after midnight by the time Christine's taxi arrived at the restaurant, then a stroll back to the hotel for a last glass of champagne - because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It was a pleasure just to sit and linger and chat to my wife. It was gone 2am by the time we staggered up to bed. Fortunately we had nowhere to rush in the morning so it was a leisurely start to the day - pass me the aspirin.

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