Friday, November 05, 2004

Bill Posters Will Be Band

One of the joys of working in London is the recapture of a social life Monday to Thursday instead of room service meals and CNN on the TV.

Tuesday I popped down to Farnham on the train to spend the evening with Mum and Dad who seemed on excellent form. Mum's Aorto-Bi-Femoral Bypass and Dad's double hernia (I spared you that one) seem to be things of the past and they have bounced back well.

Mum produced a pack of letters I wrote to them when I was in college in 71/74 as part of clearing out their lives. A quick glance show them to be less Oscar Wilde and more Nigel Molesworth.

Last night it was the train again to Putney to visit brother Ian for an Thai meal and an evening of entertainment from Bill Posters Will Be Band at The Bull's Head. They were as droll as when I saw them back in February.

The funniest part was when Richard White did a "Incompetent Ventriloquist" skit. It is the first time I have seen a dummy give his handler a Glasgow Kiss.

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