Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ian Seigal and Jimbo Mathus at the Green Note Cafe

Camden, London. Monday 24-November-2014.

Blues at the Green Note - my kind of music, my kind of venue.

Earlier in the month I met up with an ex-colleague I had not seen for 32 years (!) and we ended up swapping Blues guitarist recommendations. I gave him Marcus Bonfanti and he gave me Ian Seigal.

As luck would have it the Green Note email dropped into my inbox a couple of days later and there was Ian Seigal and Jimbo Mathus. A quick consult with friends Kate and Nigel and I snapped up three tickets (Mary was in Zug, Switzerland on business).

Nigel was there for doors open at 6pm and bagged a good table. They no longer operate a full kitchen but there were wholesome, vegetarian bar snacks.

From the opening chords I knew this was my kind of music. The John McLaughlin concert and the Blue Note concert were fine, nay world class, but this music got my toes tapping. They did two sets.

This is my third visit to Green Note (previously Marcus and Myshkin) and just as much fun as the others, This is real, up close music - brilliant. I love the fact that you can wander up afterwards and shake hands with the musicians and say "Great gig, really enjoyed it" - this is not a "Like" on FaceBook, it is the real thing.

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