Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Daffodil at Toto's Restaurant 2014

We were into November and no word on the Daffodil Christmas meal. It was a bit of a last minute panic: for us - what will become of our work's christmas party? - and for John the organiser - will it take place, when and where? Then mid-November the call went out for a straw poll - 6th or 13th of December?

In the end a date of the 6th of December was fixed upon. We duly dressed in our finery, took the 87 bus and turned up at the regular venue, Roux at Parliament Square, only to find the doors locked and the lights out.

Oh sugar, was it actually going ahead, had we got that date wrong, was it being held elsewhere? A quick phone call revealed "Yes, "No" and "Yes" respectively. Into a taxi for a 6 minute ride to Toto's Restaurant in Lennox Garden Mews where an apologetic John welcomed us.

So another break from tradition after almost unbroken decades of devotion to Michel Roux, Jnr. However I knew the food and wine would be good because John (on the right below) organised it.

The food was, of course, superb but it is all about the company, the dish is the accompaniment to the conversation.

The pairing of food and wine was all planned in advance, as per usual.

Daffodil Lunch @ Toto's
Saturday, 6th of December 2014
Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG, Ville d’Arfanta, 2012
~ ~ ~ ~
To share
Burrata di Andria with grilled vegetables
Raw & cooked artichoke salad, pecorino shavings
Romagna DOC, Trebbiano Le Coste, Poderi dal Nespoli, 2013
~ ~ ~ ~
Tagliatelle with mixed mushrooms
Campania IGT, Greco Ponte Pellegrino, Fattoria Alois, 2012
~ ~ ~ ~
Cod fish with Mediterranean sauce
Toscana IGT, Donna Patizia, Buccia Nera, 2011
~ ~ ~ ~
Baby chicken, diavola sauce
Barbera D’Alba DOC, Piani, Pelissero, 2010
~ ~ ~ ~
To share
Selection of cheeses
Porto, Fine Tawny, Taylor’s
Sweet bites will be served with selection of coffee and tea

In terms of wine the standout was the Greco Ponte Pellegrino; for the food it was a tough call between the Tagliatelle and the Baby chicken but for seasonal correctitude the fungi nosed into the lead.

Another M&M works Christmas party successfully concluded.

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I'm sure hungry after reading the menu! Merry Xmas.