Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bill Posters Will Be Band at The Bull's Head, Barnes

Sunday 28-December-2014

My fourth and final time of seeing Bill Posters Will Be Band*. This was their farewell gig. After 31 years performing they have decided to call it a day. Got in quick to get my tickets to see the end of an era - and be entertained.

Featuring Peter Shade (off camera), Sam Spoons, Jim "Golden Boots" Chambers, Megs Etherington, John Gieves Watson and Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell (standing in for Biff Harrington). More biographical detail on the Bill Posters Will Be Band website.

The act defies coherent description - musical lunacy with more than a flavour of Spike Milligan about it. They play a number of songs, wear silly costumes, do comedy skits, Peter wears a cat tea cosy on his head while Jim plays a coat hanger; later John plays a metal washboard tie.

We get an old Bonzo's classic "Jollity Farm", sing-along to "Don't Tell I Tell 'E" (made famous by Adge Cutler and The Wurzels), comedy puppeteering from John, and too many other songs to remember. We unfortunately missed the final encore and valedictory speech as our taxi had arrived.

All washed down with couple of pints of Doombar. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

* Feb 2004Nov 2004Dec 2009

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