Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mary Coughlan at Ronnie Scott's

Sunday 04-Jan-2015

This was an unanticipated pleasure. It was meant to be a girls' night out but a couple of them could not make it so I got to go, along with our friend Kate.

Mary had been unwell with pneumonia recently, even to the extent of being hospitalised, and had cancelled a previous concert. We were lucky that this gig went ahead but Mary had to keep herself going with throat spray and lozenges.

She told us about working on her forthcoming album which seems like a self penned departure from previous albums and about the sneak preview available on YouTube:

Maybe it was the roughness of her voice but it seemed to me the rawness of the emotions were more pronounced than when we saw her back in 2010 (Mary Coughlan at Ronnie Scott's Thursday 14-Oct-10). That was a fine performance but this seemed very much from the heart.

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