Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Kirsty McGee and Myshkin at The Green Note Cafe

Camden Town, London. Thursday 26-September-2013.

We first saw Myshkin ( back in 2001 at  the jazz fest in New Orleans and then again when she toured the UK some years later with her ex, Mike West. If she's toured the UK since we missed it but having discovered the Green Note Cafe ( we were pleased to discover she was doing a date there.

The first set was from Kirsty McGee ( with Mat Martin on guitar and Myshkin joining in on a couple of songs. Kirsty reminded me of Michelle Shocked but that may have been the hat. File under "alternative folk"

After the break the roles were reversed - Myshkin and Mat performing with Kirsty joining in on a couple of songs.

After the show we bought not one but three Myshkin CD's thus catching up on several missed years of listening.

In the excitement of chatting to Myshkin and buying the albums I forgot to settle my tab behind the bar and had to go back the next day to retrieve my credit card.

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