Thursday, October 03, 2013

Trullo Azzurro - September 2013

A flying visit to supervise the kitchen fitting at Sotto le Stelle allowed us to try two new restaurants and two different salt cod dishes.

We arrived late Saturday and went straight from the airport to Cisternino to meet with Kath and Richard and their friend, another Mary, at restaurant Mezzofanti. Only opened this year the restaurant rambles through several interconnected rooms and multiple entrances. This was our first time of dining there. I had ravioli filled with salt cod on a bed of puréed potatoe. Very flavoursome.

Sunday we met up with the same plus Chris and John to try another new-to-us restaurant Osteria le Valle on via San Quirico. Our end of the table shared an antipasti della casa supplemented by a dish of deep fried battered salt cod.

For secondi (main course) I had roast king prawn which I amused the others by eating with a knife and fork instead of my fingers; it's not so hard to do and makes for a leisurely lunch.

That evening Mary decided to make fig jam as the figs were at optimum ripeness.

They are fiddly things to peel when they are that ripe.

Two kilos of figs into the pan with zest of four lemons, 300g of sugar and a splash of water. Half an hour later we had goo that plopped like volcanic mud making a real mess of the work top and six jars of jam.

Tried it the next morning on toast and very tasty it was too.

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