Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Lulu at Under The Bridge

Friday 04-October-2013.

Another icon ticked off my musical bucket list. Lulu at UTB, one of our favorite venues. Not much seating unless you get there very early but you can get right up close to these musical legends.

She announced that she was going to sing a set comprised of the songs that influenced her and a couple of favourites from her own back catalogue. She then proceeded to have a good time belting out some classics.

The press were there behind the silken rope sipping PR champagne and they liked the show.

Telegraph: Almost inevitably, her latest career turn is, as she announces tonight, "songs from my roots": the soul and blues that hooked her as a Glasgow teenager. [...] Performing with a band of top-notch blues and soul session players, Lulu delivered a heartfelt, groovy, uplifting masterclass in emotionally nuanced singing, peppered with chatty anecdotes about the music she has always loved.

Independant: Lulu seems to honestly love tonight's songs, earnestly lecturing us on them, and her own time on the great soul label Atlantic's roster [...] And though her band are technically excellent, she's so much better when they ease off and you can hear her sing.

The band were top notch. When you are that well known and have been in the business as long as Lulu you can pick the best.

The "no photography" rule is erratically applied - perhaps it depends on the artist. On previous visits security have asked people to desist and one time made me delete my crappy iPhone pictures; the quality is so bad they are no threat to anyone. This time there were several members of the audience visibly holding up iPhones and recording entire tracks. At the Thin Lizzy gig one guy even recorded most of the show on a proper camera from right in front of the stage. As the Americans say "go figure".

Update: Official photos of the gig from UTB now on Flickr:

No encore but you kinda knew that when she finished with "Shout".

Another fine evening. Now I'm trying to work out who else should be on the bucket list.

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