Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ecco - 57% of the shoes in my wardrobe

Not being a girl, my shoe collection is carefully managed. [Sharp intake of breath at sexist generalisation - OK Mary's tower of shoes is pretty restrained]. I only buy a new pair when the old pair is ready for the bin. Each pair has to justify its place.

I am a great fan of Ecco shoes. My feet are wide and Ecco's size 43 fits like a glove *ahem*. I have been saying for a while that most of my shoes are Ecco so I thought I'd better check it out. For "normal" shoes in my wardrobe the answer is indeed more than half - 57% in fact (8 out of 14).

Ecco - 7 plus 1 at work

Non-Ecco - 5 plus 1 at work
I notice that I seem to go for pairs of pairs: 2 for walking 2 brown brogues, 2 trainers and so on...

In my calculation I am not counting 2 pairs of cycling shoes, 2 pairs of wellingtons, 2 pairs of slippers, 2 pairs of old gardening shoes and 2 pairs of deck shoes in Italy. But then I don't think Ecco make those except deck shoes. Even if I counted the latter I'd still be at 50%.

My total collection of footwear of all kinds is thus 24.

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