Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sotto Le Stelle 08 - Kitchen decisions

Puglia, Italy. Thursday 21-March-2012 and ff.

The primary reason for this visit is to finalise the kitchen design so the plumbing and wiring work can begin; we do not want our decision making to hold up the critical path.

The scaffolding is down revealing not only our sparkly new frontage but also that of our neighbour. He took advantage of Saverio's presence to get his wall and balcony refurbished.

Freshly painted frontage

This was also our first sight of the grand space now the dividing wall is down (apart from a small stub to divide the kitchen area from the living room area). And doesn't it look fantastic?

The wall is down!

With his expected attention to detail, Saverio recycled the stones from the door frame to finish off the end of the stub. All the other stones are palletted up off-site for future use. You do not waste centuries old, well dressed stone blocks.

This is the view from the kitchen area towards the living area (left) and bedroom area (right). The current plan is to put a bookcase as a divider between the two with some kind of curtain from bookcase end to the right hand pillar.

Living room / Bedroom

We spend four and a half hours at Euromobili, over two visits, finalising the kitchen design: sequence of units, choice of appliances, and exact location of wires and pipes.

Mary at Euromobili

The final design was fridge, dishwasher, sink, hob, oven with the sink centred in front of the door-niche. Appliance, chosen, deposit paid and detailed plans printed for the builder - one stop shopping - job done!


On the Saturday we showed our friends round the building site.

Mark (me), Richard, Mary, Kath, John, Chris

We had missed Richard's 60th so we brought out a Konditor and Cook cake from the UK. Armed with a bottle of prosecco and some plastic cups and plates we had a mini-birthday party.


There was plenty of eating and drinking as one would be expect in Italy. Friday we went out with Carole and Mino to try out a local restaurant newly opened by Marco, a colleague of Mino's. Saturday we went out with the above crowd out to Il Giardino in Cisternino. Sunday it was lunch with Chris and John then off to the airport for a late flight back to Stansted and a chilly UK.

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