Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sotto Le Stelle 07 - Starting the reconstruction

Now the deconstruction is complete and the reconstruction begins.

The roof of the stairwell from the street intruded into the volume of the bathroom and was very thin. That section has been re-cemented to make it more stable.

Arched roof of stairway

The access stairs to the roof previously had some wooden steps to get up to to the first stone. Saverio has built us some permanent steps. He is looking for some stone treads to match the one you can see at the doorway.

Access steps to roof stairs

One of the key structural decisions from the previous visit was to block up the door straight ahead from the street into the area that will be our bedroom. Rather than block up the full depth we have now have a shallow niche which will allow for some kind of storage.

Blocked bedroom door

The arch into the bathroom has been narrowed but, unlike the previous doorway, it has been set back to leave the curve of the arch visible and that will not be plastered over.

Bathroom door

All the exposed exterior surfaces are now re-rendered - the external walls front and back, the chimneys and the roof terrace parapet walls.

Roof terrace re-rendered

Only ten days until we are back out in Italy to choose, order and pay for the kitchen units, work surface and appliances.

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