Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cleaning the Wandle March 2013

A big turnout this month, 58 instead of the usual 40. Possibly something to do with Mothering Sunday? Apparently the largest turnout ever was when the clean up fell on Valentine's Day, make of that what you will.

This month I thought I would introduce some of the Wandle Trust team.

Every clean up starts with a safety briefing from Erica. Rather like the airplane safety demonstration I know it well however there are new volunteers every time so we have to go through the usual spiel. She did admit to skipping the bit about sunburn!


The official photographer Sally Ann whose pictures adorn the official blog (written by Erica). Much better quality than my hastily snatched iPhone snaps.


Jo who does a brilliant job of baking themed cakes and making a hot soup - much appreciated in the winter months. This month, with Easter approaching, she baked a Simnel cake - one of her best yet, absolutely delicious.


Andy who is marshal in his hi-vis jacket. Here presented with a miniature shopping trolley as a thank you for all his efforts as he leaves for North Africa for two years.


Fortunately the water was lower than last month; that was a little scary at times. This month was only waist deep but still as chilly.


After lunch my waders took a puncture above the right knee and my boot filled up with freezing water. I changed into some slightly over-sized waders and decided to stay landside on trolley duty.


Then back home for a quick shower and off to Farnham for a meal with parents and siblings to celebrate Mothering Sunday and my father's 88th birthday which was, coincidentally, that very day.

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