Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cropredy 2011

Cropredy, England - Friday 12-August-2011

It is harder to imagine anything more diametrically opposite to the recent riots than Cropredy. Twenty thousand predominantly white, middle class, middle aged, ex-hippie / folkie people in a field sitting politely in rows chatting amiably to strangers.

If this is Middle England count me in.

I mentioned to Mary that I fancied going to see more live music. A couple of years ago we discovered Seasick Steve when we went to Hyde Park to see Neil Young. Googling resulted in a two day ticket to some folk festival and an overnight stay at the Wroxton House Hotel - Mary's home from home for five months in a previous life - sod camping for a game of soldiers.

For various reasons we ending up not driving but cycling: home to work, work to Marylebone, train, Banbury to hotel, hotel to Cropredy, Cropredy to hotel.

Friday 12 August 2011

BBC YFA Winners - Moore, Moss, Ritter
The Travelling Band
Steve Tilston & The Durbervilles
[Mark and Mary arrive]
Charlie Dore
The Dylan Project
The Urban Folk Quartet
The Coral
Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve
Seasick Steve

The bands were excellent and all unknown discoveries to me (apart from Seasick Steve, obviously). Each set was as long as you might get if you saw them at an individual concert - so that says excellent value in my book. I particularly liked The Dylan Project.

The cycle home was through unlit country lanes. The bike lights are enough to enable cars to see you but not you to see the edge of the road. So scary we ordered a taxi for the Saturday.

Duck Pond, Wroxton
Wroxton Duck Pond

Saturday morning we did a wander round the village before returning to the hotel for the taxi to take us back to the festival.

Saturday 13 August 2011

Richard Digance
The Shee
Raffle Draws etc
Badly Drawn Boy
Fairport Convention & Friends

Richard Digance, Audience
Twenty thousand people Morris dancing whilst seated

The atmosphere was great and I have to concur with the general opinion that, to a Cropredy virgin, the crowd are most friendly and welcoming.

Juggling Balls
Juggling Balls

I had to buy some new balls because my old ones swelled up and went hard when the cellar flooded. <voice="Frankie Howerd">Ooh, no, missus!</voice>


Again a welcome introduction to a variety of new - to me - bands, with music, eating, drinking and having a good time. Though I have to agree with the man behind me who, during Badly Drawn Boy's set called out "Cheer up, you miserable c***!"

Fairport Convention and Friends
Fairport Convention and Friends

A rendition of the complete Babbacombe Lee was the highlight of the FC set.

Fairport Convention and Friends
Meet on the Ledge

A pledge for the regulars. We could be tempted :-)

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