Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Puglia August 2011 - Sloe gin

For the first time in several years we have made Puglian sloe gin. Normally by the time we arrive in September the sloes are shriveled beyond redemption. This year we went earlier, the last week of August, and the sloes were looking good.

With the help of Mary's friend, Andrea A, who was visiting us for a few days we quickly harvested enough for a litre of sloe gin.

The important factor is the ratio of sloes to sugar - I went for Nigel Slater's classic sloe gin recipe which has a higher ratio than the BBC recipe as I have a sweet tooth.

Both recipes counsel patience however that is is easy when you are not there. By the time we go back in November for the olive harvest it should be perfect and ready for decanting.

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