Sunday, September 11, 2011

Everyday differences in Puglia: Family meal

The large Italian family meal is not just an invention of the Dolmio advertising agency. It is very real as the supermarket shelves attest. Every store has stacks of disposable plates, plastic cups and paper serviettes to save on washing up when you have all your family and friends round.

Supermarket shelves disposable plates, plastic cups and paper serviettes

Fortunately our neighbours Mino and Carole love entertaining and we often get invited round for Sunday lunch.

Italian meal - Mino and Carole

Their friend Vito prepares a specialty - raw mussels - well you eat raw oysters so why not raw mussels?

raw mussels

It was a multi-course extravaganza. First was the focaccia made by Mino's sister, Zia, which Tim declared was the best focaccia he has ever eaten; a verdict we Brits all endorsed. Then raw mussels. Then sea food pasta.

Italian meal - sea food pasta

Then a main course washed down by many bottles of Mino's own wine.

Italian meal - long table

The dessert was a mixture of cakes and pastries with a prosecco.

Italian meal - pastries with a prosecco

A wonderful way to spend a Sunday lunch.

Italian meal - relaxing with friends

Several hours later we meandered off home for a quiet evening and a very light supper.

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