Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upper left six molar - doubleplusungood

Adding to my collection of dental x-rays and not in a good way. A couple of weeks back one tooth felt a bit loose but thinking it was possibly a bit of gum inflammation I was assiduous in my dental hygiene and it seemed to improve. But then it got worse and a trip to Harley Street was quickly arranged.

Raj was away but his oppo, Lawrence, did the honours with an x-ray and the bad news. One of the roots under the crown had broken off and gone septic - now lying at a jaunty angle (to the left of the x-ray).

Upper left six molar with broken root
Upper left six molar with broken root

So it is a week on the Amoxicillin followed by a surgical extraction. Not something to look forward to - doubleplusungood.

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Rosa said...

Oh, that his just horrible. So glad you went in when you did. I'm amazed you weren't running a fever with pain. I hate dealing with teeth. Ugh.