Monday, July 12, 2010

The 60's Allstars at Cannizaro Park Festival

Saturday night we had nothing planned so when Mary asked what I fancied doing I said "live music". A quick google revealed the Cannizaro Park Festival featuring The 60's Allstars. Perfect for a warm summer's evening so we booked ourselves a pair of tickets.

Cannizaro Park is on the edge of Wimbledon Common and part of my old stomping ground. We got there early for a wander round and a light supper before the concert at Cannizaro House Hotel - which is where we spent our wedding night.

Cannizaro House Hotel
Cannizaro House Hotel

The festival was well set up with food stalls, bars, a picnic area and all in the beautiful surroundings of the park. The festival itslf was situate in a walled garden.

Cannizaro Park Festival
Cannizaro Park Festival

The 60's Allstars line-up was:
  • Mick Avory - The Kinks
  • John Dee - The Foundations
  • Alan Lovell - The Swinging Blue Jeans
  • Del Mandell - Crispin St Peters
The 60's Allstars
The 60's Allstars

They did two sets of Golden Oldies whilst we supped a jug of Pimms. Half the audience was down on the grass in front of the stage having a good old bop. After concerts at the O2 it was refreshing to be able to stroll right up to the edge of the stage and be right there with the band. A damned fine evening :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, reading this took me back. I am now singing in my head 'you were on my miiiiiiiiind, I said....' , which prompted me to search for Crispin St Peter to see what he was up to now and was sorry to read that he died last month. The concert would have been great with all the background of these musicians.

Rosa said...

I'm at the stage in life where I would much prefer to sit on a cool lawn and watch a concert with a "few" others rather than mix with thousands in a stadium. Guess I I'm officially OLD!