Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For I have built a mighty cutlery tray

Sometimes DIY projects go, more or less according to plan. Mary wanted to de-clutter the living room by relocating the cutlery from the overcrowded canteen into the piano stool. Unable to find ready made cutlery holders of the correct dimensions in Homebase or B and Q she suggested that I could make a custom tray. With the enthusiasm dial turned low I agreed. Much to my surprise - starting with five slats, an electric jigsaw and copious quantities of wood glue - that is what I succeeded in building with minimal hiccups or cussing.  

 cutlery tray - gluing the dividers
Cutlery tray - gluing the dividers 

All manners of belts and braces were co-opted to hold the thing together while the glue set. 

 cutlery tray - gluing the base
Cutlery tray - gluing the base

The dividers were weighted down with magazines and whatever nearby heavy objects came to hand - in my case a variety of fine wines. 

 cutlery tray - in the piano stool
Cutlery tray - in the piano stool

A snug fit with the intended 5mm clearance all round. 
 cutlery tray - complete with contents
Cutlery tray - complete with contents

And finally full of cutlery as intended. 

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair. 


Rosa said...

well, aren't we just the handy man! I love it. Brilliant! I bet you don't stop there.

Stuffy said...

I'm impressed, I'm great with chainsaws and sledgehammers, anything that needs measuring in mm tends to trigger my overactive impatience gland. Kudos for your handiness...