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Ben and Vanessa's Wedding Saturday 26-June-2010

The cake is cut
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Mike (tafka Ben) is my sister Jane's son, the eldest of my nephews and the first to get married. Mike and Vanessa's wedding was held at Middle Coombe Farm, Devon.

We went down by train to Tiverton on the Friday night for an informal gathering and barbeque.

We stayed at the nearby Globe Inn in Sampford Peverell along with other guests including long time friend Jane (Fuller) and husband Brock.

The wedding turned out to be - mostly - more formal than I had expected from an eco venue. The groomsmen were all in matching outfits with fancy waistcoats and cravats. The bridesmaids had coordinated range of anemone coloured outfits and the wedding breakfast included the standard set of speeches. Mind you it was the first time I have seen a Best Man's speech involving a ventriloquist's dummy.

What was different was between the ceremony at noon and the wedding breakfast at five o'clock. We all took a walk in the woods to an old oak tree where Mike and Vanessa addressed the assembled guests and there were readings from the two mothers, Vanessa's sister, Joanna, and Mike's youngest brother, Tom.

Then it was back for tea and scones and an opportunity to mingle until the hog roast was ready. We then ate, drank, applauded the speeches and various friends made up two bands for music and dancing.

It was an excellent day and Mike is clearly so much in love with Vanessa it was heartwarming to see - not a dry eye in the house - has anyone got a hankie please.

Full set of photos on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/markmclellan/sets/72157624378829404/

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Mike said...

Joanna is actually her sister! Thanks for the great photos!