Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A crowd of people I met way back in 1980 get together on an irregular basis. One of the triggers for such gatherings is a visit to the UK by Maureen who left for Australia in the early 80's and never came back except as a visitor.

Maureen and friends at Chiswick House 01
Mary, Andrea L, Maureen, Natalie, Bill, Alan

As previously Bill hosted the event; as he lives in Chiswick we decided to cycle the five miles to get there. On this occasion we met for lunchtime drinks followed by a stroll to Chiswick House Cafe for a light lunch.

Maureen and friends at Chiswick House 02
Mary, John, Andrea L, Maureen

As always it is like watching time lapse photography of our lives shown at high speed. People get married, have children, re-marry; hair grows greyer or scarcer; waistlines expand.

Maureen and friends at Chiswick House 03
Natalie, Bill, Alan

It was great see everyone again and we would have stayed longer but we had another back-to-back social engagement. We cycled off to Kingston to celebrate both Chris and Sue's birthday, the former very belatedly the latter in advance. It was a hectic and steamy pedal along the Thames path and we had to keep the pace up to make it in time.

Maureen is over from Australia...
Sunday lunch at Bill's
I come from a land down under

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