Thursday, July 08, 2010

cscalumni Drinks Tue 29-Jun-10

A beautiful summer's evening made The George near London Bridge a fine choice of venue. A small but select group made it for a number of beers including a welcome newcomer - Valter Johansson, formerly of CSC Index.

Anthony Bodle, John Patient, Valter Johansson
Anthony Bodle, John Patient, Valter Johansson

The pub had a good range of beers but unfortunately they were short staffed behind the bar - which may have been a good thing in slowing our consumption. After the usual chat and catch-up on news we dispersed - what more can I say :-)

Present: Bob Carlsen, John Patient, Anthony Bodle, Steve Jarvis, Valter Johansson
Apologies: Elizabeth Buie, Tony Korn, Jeanne Coates, Julie Irving, Tony Czarnecki, Carolyn MacDowell, Nalin Goonewardene

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Elizabeth said...

One of these days (years) I'll make one of these events. Gotta see Bob Carlsen again!