Monday, June 23, 2008

London to Paris - Training 02

Sunday morning it was another training ride for the L2P. We cycled over to Richmond Park to meet up with Chris (mrtee) for two and a half circuits of the park and home again.

Only 30 miles but hard work what with the hills and the b******d of a head wind. Still Mary likes to see the positive side "think of it as a thigh strengthening opportunity"!

Training in Richmond Park 02
Chris, Mary and Mark Training in Richmond Park

The park is Cycle City, you could not move for lads in Lycra whizzing round the Park. Personally I dislike Lycra, artificial fibres feels clammy and unpleasant to the skin. The last time I wore nylon shirts was as a geeky schoolboy, never since. Give me natural fibres any day.

Training in Richmond Park 01
Tame Deer in Richmond Park

There is so much human activity that the deer are pretty unfazed by it all, no run-away deer here.

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Rosa said...

Good for you! Yes, cotton over man-made any day! (And the hub and I met at the man-made fiber trade association where we both worked in the 80s!! I worked in PR!! And still never sold me on the stuff! hehe) Love the sweet deer.