Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Other Executor

Last week I spent a pleasant evening with the my parents albeit with a slightly macabre twist. I went down to Godalming to meet Murray Campbell, for years the family solicitor and also the other executor of my parents' will.

As the first born I was asked to be one executor and Murray the other. When I heard that he was retiring I expressed a desire to meet the man as I had never met him in person. Although he is retiring he has agreed to continue as fellow executor and any legalities will be dealt by one of the partners, Guy Crowther, at his old firm of Barlow Robbins.

So last Wednesday evening I went along to Murray's retirement party in a marquee in the grounds of their offices. I met Murray and Guy and I am glad to say formed a good opinion of them both. Murray especially is a very solid, robust seeming sort of a chap, he looks like he ought to have been a rugby player.

That done it was back to Farnham for a meal with Mum and Dad and a late train home.

I am forunate that Dad and Mum take a practical view of these matters. They have made a will, appointed executors, granted me "enduring power of attorney", drawn a list of bank and other accounts and even written a "living will".

Although I hope they will be around for a good few more years it is comforting to know that when the time comes my grief will not have salt rubbed into the wound with all the hassle of intestacy and legal wranglings.


Dr.John said...

Seems like your family cares about you and trusts you.
That has to make you feel good.
I commend your parents for putting everything in order.

Rosa said...

Very smart. It's always good to have these things in order before a crisis hits.