Friday, June 13, 2008

Hampton Court Twice

Once again it is the Hampton Court Festival and we have been twice within a week.

Last Saturday we went to see Curtis Stigers, Cleo Lane and John Dankworth. We booked the tickets a while back to go with our friend Andrea. Unfortunately Andrea had to have a knee operation and wasn't able to come; she was not able to walk or drive or go on public transport. Then Mary had an inspiration, we knew that HC did wheelchairs from taking Mary's Mum round there last year.

So I was dispatched to off to Essex as a private ambulance to collect the invalid. We drove right up to the gates of the palace, popped Andrea in a wheelchair and pushed her to her seat. All the staff there were incredibly friendly and helpful.

Sunday the three of us spent several very pleasant hours wandering round the RHS Gardens at Wisley. Mary is a member, Andrea went in as her guest and I got in free as the "pusher". Wonderful gardens, a beautiful day and a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Of course we came back with a boot (US:trunk) completely full of plants.

Thursday it was back to see Van "The Man" along with brother Ian and partner Sarah. The nice people from Sky accosted us as we entered and, on being answered that we came by train, gave us a complementary picnic blanket.

picnic at hampton court

They had a photographer going round taking photos for free and downloadable at - so that was a nice souvenir.

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Rosa said...

I saw the perfect picnic basket if chock full of wine!