Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hannington Hall

Another hectic weekend - is there any other sort? Straight from work to visit old friends Lorna and Carmichael.

Immediately after I finished college in '75 I stayed with L&C as their lodger whilst finding a job and as that happened to end up being with the local county council I stayed with them for the best part of three years.

Subsequently L&C moved to Switzerland then Canada and then inherited Hannington Hall from Lorna's Aunt Mary:

Hannington Hall

They are over in the UK for a six month sabbatical so we were able to meet up. We dined with them Friday evening and then on Saturday, between walks round the estate, met up with Carmichael's parents and other old acquaintances from Oxford.

Lunch in Hannington Hall

Saturday it was off to Brasserie Blanc in Winchester to meet slightly more recent friends for more eating and drinking. A late train back to Wandsworth Town and so to bed ready for our training session on Sunday morning...


Anonymous said...

What a busy and interesting life you lead. This looks like a beautiful house is it open to the public.

Mark McLellan said...


It is a wonderful house but not open to the public I am afraid. It is a private home and a working farm.


Rosa said...

And what an inheritance it is! Sweet. That is something out of a Dickens novel. What a beautiful country home.

TheHardys said...

Hello, I am trying to contact Lorna Wallis. I am a reporter in Bermuda. I am writing a book about the censorship department based in Bermuda during World War II.
I am tracking down censors and their families to get their recollections. Her aunt, Mary (nee Codrington) was a censor. I was disappointed to find that she had passed away because she was one of the youngest censors. Most were over 41, and she was in her twenties.

They can contact me at Jessie Hardy, PO BOX FL411, FLATTS FLBX, BERMUDA or email: