Sunday, July 13, 2008

London to Paris - Training 03

So we have been "off air" for two weeks in Puglia. Does that mean the training has let up? Exsqueeze me!

We have a couple of cheap and cheerful bikes in Italy bought from Conforama at Fasano - the superstore formerly known as Emmezeta. Top of their range which equates approximately to the bottom of any one else's, but they do the job.

We had packed our cycling shorts, we bought ourselves a couple of cycling helmets from the local bike shop and did a number of short runs to the local towns of Locorotondo and Cisternino.

Mark and Mary stand by their bikes in Puglia
Mark and Mary stand by their bikes in Puglia

Then the training plan suggested a 2 hour run on the flat. Looking around the Murgia hills of Puglia "flat" didn't really look like an option.

So we removed the quick release front wheels, stuffed the bikes into the back of the Fiat Punto and drove down to the coast. We parked up and did a two hour round trip from Savelletri to Monopli and back followed by a seafood pasta lunch at Rosa's with half a litre of white wine, a siesta and a sunbathe.

Somehow training in England won't be quite the same.


Anonymous said...

Siestas? Sunbathing? WINE!!!Now that's what I call training!! Sign me up! I've been doing 45 mile round trips to work in the RAIN and the WIND. Ah, the English summer, wonderful!

Anonymous said...

This all sounds wonderful, and you call this training!!!!!!??? The seafood pasta at Rosa's and the wine, Yum!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark is being (unusually) modest. An example of one our "short rides" was the early morning run. Normally a 10k round trip to Loortondo, we did a bit of a detour via Cisternino, lovely back roads with no traffic, 22k before breakfast, no too hot - fantastic! Mary

Rosa said...

Good for you guys keeping on course! I'm sure the scenery was beautiful!