Monday, September 10, 2007

The Police Twickenham Sunday 09 September 2007

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Well that is handy. Someone has blogged the set list and Flicker'd a whole set of photos.

I am sure a whole slew of reviews will follow from fans all over. My two penn'th is that the bass was cranked up as you might expect when the front man plays bass guitar; it made my chest vibrate is was so intense.

It as a fine concert with a mixture of greatest hits and tracks I did not recognise but I guess that is my lack of familiarity with their complete oeuvre. Three men without any backing musicians can make a lot of music.

The only downside was the time it took to get home. The queues to get into the station and onto the trains meant it took an hour and three quarters to get home. I shall look at alternatives next time.


Rosa said...

Funny, I saw this concert coming in the FT and KNEW you would be there! They played here at Bonnaroo this summer, but I'm a tad too old to be camping out for a weekend festival. I would have loved to see them again!

Rosa said...

Ok, I KNOW you're going to get tickets to see Led Zeppelin! Can't wait to hear about that one!

Mark McLellan said...

"Due to the anticipated overwhelming demand for this concert, tickets will be available by ballot only. All tickets are priced at £125."

"overwhelming demand" is a bit of an understatement I would say.

Rosa said...

Well, I hope you have put your name in the hat!! I'm hoping for a Robert Plant/Allison Kraus gig here in Nashville. The new song I've heard is excellent. It's quite a mix and somehow works. (Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!)