Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bathroom Update (4)

Almost done! Andy came yesterday and fitted the second mirror door plus fixed one of the lights. We had our first bath yesterday and first shower this morning. All seems to be working just fine and dandy.

bathroom before bathroom with shelving and tiles
Bathroom before and after

Note the curve of the bath. That allowed us to move the bath to the wall side and hang the door the other way without bashing the corner. Having to buy a bath with a corner missing just about trebled the cost of the unit!

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Rosa said...

I love the neutral colors. I bet it felt nice to have the bath back! Is that Molton Brown I spy? Yum.

Mark McLellan said...


How eagle-eyed of you! Molton Brown it is: black pepper and heavenly gingerlily plus, out of shot, the soap dispenser filled with thai vert (my favourite). We have one of their shops just round the corner from work here in Covent garden.