Monday, September 17, 2007

Marc Bolan a Celebration

This Sunday saw the 30th anniversary of the death of Marc Bolan, my teenage idol. It brought fans from all around the globe to visit the tree, attend a ceremony at Golders Green Crematorium and go to Klub Xtreme which hosts an event every 16th September.

This year there was also a concert at Shepherds Bush Empire fronted by tribute band T.Rextasy with a number of guest appearances (reviewed in The Times).

For me it was also an opportunity to meet many cyber-friends from a a mailing list on Yahoo called Tilldawn (also I knew many of them by their posts and it is great to meet them in the flesh and put a face to the name.

One of them is a Jorgen, a postman from Sweden who I first met at a similar event ten years ago. It was good to be able to offer him a bed for the night, save him the cost of a hotel and act as host for his visit. I will be posting load of photos to Flickr later...


Tillers outside Klub Xtreme (video)

Klub Xtreme 16-Sep-07 (photos)

Born to Boogie DVD launch April 2005 (photos)


Rosa said...

Baby baby, I was born to boogie. My fav album was Tanx, think I was about 12 when it came out. How much fun do you have Mr. English? How cool are you? I think YOU were born to boogie!

Rosa said...

Thanks Mark for the offer of a room and board for a few days. Such the kind English gent. But, who knows where the hub will have to be on biz and if I'll even make it. (I'm hoping though.) At the very least, if I do, we will have to get together. Would love to meet the lovely Mary. I will keep you posted on the progression of the trip.