Thursday, October 21, 2004

Vegetarian dining in Zurich

Did I mention that I was in Zurich and Mary is in Malta? She has gone for a week's holiday with her sister and mother, nominally to celebrate Sandra's fortieth birthday but really to get May out and relaxing. They are staying in Sliema at the Fortina Spa hotel getting thalassotherapy treatments.

It so happened that an ex-colleague is also working in Zurich so we met up last night for a meal in Europe's oldest vegetarian restaurant, The Hiltl. An excellent, high-buzz atmosphere. The food was fine but not spectacular with the hot dishes having a mainly Indian flavour, the salads were - well - salads. London has a number of excellent Indian vegetarian restaurants but none with the atmosphere or high-tech and efficient service of this place nor such a reasonable wine list.

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