Thursday, October 14, 2004

An intensely normal evening

Last night I spent several hours with Martin Haswell, an old friend from KGS. Considering we have met once in the intervening 25 years (and that was earlier this year) we had an amazing amount to talk about.

Staggering out of the wine-bar, three hours and one bottle of wine (each) later, I went to the local bus-stop as the Waterloo and City line was well closed. Sitting upstairs on a double decker bus is one of the great treats in life, a simple pleasure, I loved it as a kid and I still do.

On the train back to Wandsworth Town there was one of those people who try to take up more than their fair share of seat space. Sometimes, out of sheer cussedness, I say "Is this seat free?", give them a cheery grin and try and sit on their bag before they can whip it out of the way - that'll teach the b*gg*rs.

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