Monday, October 04, 2004

Moderation in all things

That, of course, includes moderation itself. So this weekend was a bit too much of our corporate mission "To eat, drink and have a good time".

Saturday night we tried out the new Italian restaurant in the Marketplace (Prezzo) with usual suspects Bob&Lynn. The consensus view was "All right but lacking a certain inspiration and not as good as Al Trullo at the other end of town". Three bottles of wine with the meal then, as the night was yet young, across the road to The Star Inn for a night cap which consisted of two more bottles of wine.

Then last night (Sunday) we went with B&L and Barry&Sue to the Hotel du Vin - Winchester for their 10th Anniversary Celebrations. Basically it was organised like a wine fair but with food. But what food, what wine! The main marquee on the lawn had maybe 30 whites and 30 reds to chose from and three food tables (meat, fish and veggie). So you could graze and drink at will which we did. One thing I do remember is deciding that the Chilean Gewurtztraminer was a better match for the smoked halibut than the Hugel (Alsace) Reisling.

Pass the aspirin please.


Mark McLellan said...

"Moderation in all things"
Terence, Andria
Roman comic dramatist (185 BC - 159 BC)

Redford said...

I enjoy popping into a Prezzo
when I'm looking for good food and good value. It's not going to blow your mind but neither will it blow your wallet.