Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A glass of locorotondo bianco

So at last it has come to pass. We flew down to Puglia on Saturday to pick up the keys to the Hovel in the Hills ™ from D'Amico. Then it was straight down to the property to drink a glass of the local white wine on the roof. It may have been ambient temperature and it may have been out of paper party cups but it was on the roof of our very own future home. There was something magical about watching the sun dip down below the horizon across the quiet valley still cloaked in almost primeval forest.

Sunday was spent clearing the previous owner's junk from the property and the brambles from the pizza oven. Then on Monday it was some time on the beach followed by a meeting with Daniele, our architect. We have finally resolved the puzzle of the Lamia. Two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom using the available walls and doors to everyone's satisfaction.

Finally, on Tuesday, back to LGW for a parting of the ways. Me back to Avon Cottage, Mary back to DUB. An all-to-brief night's sleep then back to the big city, the Great Wen, for a day of electron rearrangement.

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