Friday, July 16, 2004

Robert De Niro's Waiting...*

...and so are we. Talking Italian organisational abilities. Piss up in a brewery. On our trip to Italy two weeks ago we were assured that the purchase of our "Hovel in the Hills" would go through this week. And has it? Has it it b*gg*ry! And no confidence that it will happen next week. Then Italy is on holiday for August. So that is probably it until September. Reminds me of the joke:

In Heaven the British are the police, the Swiss the organisers, the French the chefs, the Germans the engineers and the Italians the lovers.

In Hell the British are the chefs, the Swiss the lovers, the French the engineers, the Germans the police and the Italians are the organisers.

Well I think that about says it. Harrumph!

* Bananarama

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