Monday, July 26, 2004

Croquet by moonlight

(well more like dusk really) On Saturday we went round to Bob and Lynn's for a BBQ and croquet on the lawn along with their neighbours, Duncan and Cathy. Given the size of the lawn there was a fair amount of taking a drop from the flower bed. Duncan has been practising for some weeks so Duncan and Lynn romped ahead with Bob and I closing the gap towards the end but still not enough to win.

Mary and I were on starters-and-puds duty so took along Cajun prawns and two lots of home made ice cream (Cherry and Stem ginger). To go with it we took a 1995 Tokay (6 puts) and a 1998 Noble Reisling from Jim Barry. The latter was excellent. I am on a campaign to persuade restaurants to stock dessert wines. Everytime I order a dessert and they have no sweet wines on their list I give them a hard time - protesting in the politest way - and suggest they should expand their wine list.

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