Monday, July 12, 2004

Carol Galashan selected as reserve for British Olympics squad

The reason Mary's mum, May, is visiting us for a long weekend (apart from seeing us of course) is her twin grand-daughters Carol and Helen Galashan. They were competing in a British Gymnastics competition in Guildford over the weekend. Is is also a qualifying event for the Olympics selection process. Helen would have been a strong contender but for a back injury earlier in the year.

We managed to get the very last ticket for the Sunday for May (must have been a return!). We took her up yesterday, dropped her off and went to have lunch with my folks in Farnham. Then back to collect May and hear the announcement of the squad. And they got a result, Carol is one of two reserves so she gets to go to Athens and, in the event one of the squad has to pull out, she may even get to compete in the Olympics.

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