Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head *

Well it has been a dull couple of days. No work this week so I have been catching up on my paperwork and doing various domestic bits and bobs. Got my laptop back from HP and all seems well. Had visits from Asher, the gardener, and Chris, the window cleaner. Tomorrow it is a visit from Sylvie, the cleaner, take the cats to the vet and collect Mary's mum from Bournemouth airport.

Went to collect a couple of Oddbins parcels from the Amtrak depot in Christchurch. On the way back popped into Ringwood and it started to rain. I cannot help noticing how people hunch down and cringe from the rain. Doesn't stop you getting wet. Personally, I hold my head up high and get wet with pride.

 * by Burt Bacharach

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