Sunday, December 07, 2014

John Mayall 80th Anniversary Tour at Ronnie Scott's

Wednesday 26-November-2014.

It is four years since we first saw the legendary John Mayall (Wedding anniversary weekend 2010) supported by Marcus Bonfanti. This time it was at Ronnie Scott's with Ronnie's regular support band the Nigel Price/Jim Mullen/Mick Hutton Trio.

I got there early (6:15) in time to bag our favourite table - by the rail in the raised part of the premium seating directly in line with the centre of the stage.

We have seen this same excellent support trio several times now. Like a number of other front men, Nigel Price always introduces the other band members but never introduces himself.

Mary was in Switzerland and all flights to City airport were cancelled due to fog. She was rebooked on a Heathrow flight but it was touch and go if she would make it in time. As soon as she landed, through the miracle of modern telecommunications, I was able to order her food and drink timed for her arrival: she walked in the front door literally as John Mayall walked onto the stage. She dumped her bags and sat down before the welcome applause had died down. Phew!

An excellent set - John Mayall seemed to be really enjoying himself.

Blues Matters thought so too. "It is easy to summarise the set that John and his band served up for the first house of the night, in two words: most excellent. John Mayall’s brand of Anglicized Chicago Blues, his weaving of a long song to a tremendous crescendo, his ability to play the organ while with the other hand making great harmonica music, is undimmed. So, too, is his evident pleasure in playing and pleasing an audience, nearly sixty years into his career." Full review...

Afterwards we queued up to buy CD's, unusually separate CD's from each of the band members rather than the assembled company. So we bought three, one for each of Rocky Athas (lead guitar), Greg Rzab (bass guitar) and Jay Davenport (drums), and got them signed; we also got John to sign a couple of them as well. They have provided some excellent listening since.


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