Sunday, June 01, 2014

Thames Path 10 - Goring to Clifton Hampden

Goring, England. Monday 05-May-2014. (second part) (all) (first part)

We used the first May bank holiday to knock off a couple more stages of the Thames Path.

These stages were characterised by sunshine, old buildings and birdsong.

It being spring all our feathered friends were in full-on chorus mode presumably in an attempt to attract a mate. This mallard was in his shiniest spring plumage.

Just messing about on the river.

In order to balance out the two legs we overshot our accommodation at Dorchester and walked an extra three miles to Clifton Hampden. From there we got a taxi back to Dorchester to stay in the 16th century coaching inn that used to serve the London to Bath route.

A good pace as the walking was firm underfoot.


Distance this leg 25.3 km
Previous legs 208.4 km
Total so far 233.7 km

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