Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rye to Hastings

Saturday 01-June-2014

Time Out Country Walks volume 1: Walk 25 - Rye to Hastings. 15 miles, rated 9 out of 10 for toughness.

The final training walk before our West Highland Way long distance trail. We drove down to Hastings and took the train to Rye in order to walk back to the car.  The walk was originally 12 miles however trains rarely stop at the original start so the walk is extended by 3 miles.

Typical local architecture and countryside.

A politically incorrect street name - presumably a silent woman not an unintelligent one.

The first part of the walk was very level along a flat flood plain marked on one side by a cliff from when the coastline was further inland.

We then passed through my favourite kind of countryside - deciduous woodland with ferns.

Most lambs ran away but this one must have been hand reared. It trotted towards us presumably in expectation of food.

The second half of the walk was seriously up and down along the cliff tops. This was the reason this walk was chosen; it was the toughest rated walk in the book.

Job done.

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