Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coopers and Lybrand (MCS) Old Hacks

Dover Castle Pub, London. Thursday 15-May-2014

Meeting up with ex-colleagues I hadn't seen for 32 years. Talk about a blast from the past this was networking* with a vengeance.

*drinking with colleagues is "team-building", drinking with ex-colleagues is "networking".

I met up with the director of the agency through whom I got my current contract. I looked at his LinkedIn profile and it turned out we were both at Coopers and Lybrand (Management Consultancy Services) - C&L (MCS) - at the same time, '80 to '82, and had many acquaintances in common.

Some colleagues from that era still meet up twice a year for a beer and luckily one such meeting was imminent so I went long and met up with, amongst others, Ed Breen and Andy Preston.

As luck would have it I had just scanned in my old C&L pass for Throw Back Thursday which I was able to show them otherwise they might not have recognised me.

We drank, we reminisced, we went for a meal.

The early eighties was a halcyon period for me. I had just moved to London, doubled my salary in two years, had a hectic social life both with work colleagues and outside of work with the group code named "the Birmingham crowd". It was great to reconnect with those days. Happy memories.

If you were part of C&L (MCS) do drop me a line via Contact. spider food Alison J Bond - went to Oz Andy King Angela Jepson Bernie (Bernadette) McManus Bill Haygarth – I met him 10+ years ago when I was Hon Sec. He wasn’t interested in attending and retired in Yorkshire several years ago Bron Ciezarek – Now a member Bruce Davis – A member Chris La Niece Danny McNichol – A member Dave A Dixon - beard, quite senior Duncan Pinkerton Gary Phillips George Laurie Graham Smith Janet Fowler - Vanuatu Jean Brass Jerry Chapman John Rycroft Lynda Pyle Mark McLellan - Now a member Mark X - Fortran programmer Mike Tinsley Murial Nelson – Retired many, many years ago and very doubtful interest in Hacks Nigel Griffiths – Living in Oz Nigel Ratcliffe – Sadly passed away c 20 years ago Nikki Birkett – Living in Oz Nolan Phillips – Occasionally mentioned in dispatches at meetings. I think Jill is in contact Pamela X Paul Cooke - Claudius / Vanuatu – Did he ever return from the Southern Hemisphere? Ray Ryan Sandy X Simon Coles - A member and the previous Hon Sec Steve Thorne - Sondek & Naim fan Sue Judd Sue Stubenvoll (sp?) Tony Winter Wayne Stinton - Occasionally mentioned in dispatches at meetings. I think Jill may be in contact Wojtek Adamek

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