Monday, May 12, 2014

Too Rex and Strange Orchestra at The Half Moon

Putney, London. Saturday 26-April-2104

A chance to see Strange Orchestra and Too Rex on the same bill was too good an opportunity to miss. I have seen T.Rextasy several times but never Too Rex so I was interested to see how they compared.

On the other hand I have seen the wonderful Strange Orchestra at a couple of the annual Bop in Golders Green. They play the music of Tyrannosaurus Rex which is more my era and preference and the main reason I wanted to go.

Mary wasn't interested so she stayed at home and I went with my old friend Ros. We had for a drink beforehand and met up with several FaceBook friends.

Pre-gig drinks

First on were Strange Orchestra who did a set of Tyrannosaurus Rex ranging all the way from "Beginning of Doves" to "A Beard of Stars". It was a magical set, Marc Hartley really nailed the voice spot on. I was getting all nostalgic for my youth.

Next up were Too Rex who did two sets. They are good. It is hard to say how they compare to T.Rextasy as this is such a small venue. "Intimate" is the term often used, and the whole atmosphere is very different to the large scale gigs where I have been to see T.Rextasy. It is good that there is room for two tribute bands. I have since learned there is also a Scottish tribute band called Hot Love.

A most enjoyable evening. At the end I said cheerio to a few people and toddled off home on the bus my ears ringing - but not too loudly.

...and, as always in an Elvish abode, dreams of the gentlest texture.

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