Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Walk in Surrey: Milford to Haslemere

Surrey, England. Saturday 26-April-2014.

Time Out Country Walks volume 1: Walk 27 - Milford to Haslemere

A lovely sunny walk through Surrey with sandy soils, gorse, bracken and deciduous woods. Past old farms, cottages and churches.

Wonderful old brick and stone building

We were entertained by this gravestone in Church of St Michael and All Angels, Thursley. The top part of the inscription reads:
In Memory of
A generous but unfortunate Sailor
Who was barbarously murder'd on Hindhead.
On Sep.r 1786,
By three Villains,
After he had liberally treated them,
And promised them his farther Assistance,
On the Road to Portsmouth.

Gravestone in Church of St Michael and All Angels

We went along ancient sunken roads so very evocative of mediaeval times.

Sunken Lane

Nearing the end was the advertised star of the walk: The Devil's Punch Bowl.

The Devils Punch Bowl

From the NT car park at the top of the climb was a view across to the Hog's Back between Guildford and Farnham.

View of the Hog's Back from The Devil's Punchbowl

The guide claims the walk is 11.7 miles, the Garmin made it longer than that. Unfortunately the Garmin can never agree with itself so I always go with the more modest mileage - even then it made out distance as 12.6.

Never mind the exact mileage - it was a lovely day out and a train back home.

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